2020 - A New Type of Deadline for a New Normal

     I've been told I need a haircut but I can't get one.  I've been told to stay home, but then I'm told I'm essential to help keep the government running.  I've been told to take precautions such as reduced contact and reduced hours to help keep people safe and I've done that.  Finally, I've been told June 1st is the new tax deadline.

     For the first time in my 30 years of this business there is no clear cut deadline, previous to this there was only twice the deadline was extended and that was for just a week.  With the June 1st and June 15th self employed deadline behind us we now look at the penalties for being late.  The government has announced there are no penalties.  Nothing will be charged if you file before September 1st.  What about child tax benefits and HST payments, will they stop if not filed on time?  The answer is no, they will continue until October based on 2018 figures if you don't file until September 1st.  Essentially the new unannounced deadline is September 1st and who knows, even that could change.

     In regards to self employed who have a deadline of June 15th the same rules apply.  If you have an HST number you must file and pay the HST owing by June 30th or there could be interest charged, but again this could change.  We are in an unprecedented situation where CRA has suspended collections, suspended enforcement, delayed most requests for re-assessment and until further notice, they have attempted to move everything to online only, basically saying mail will only be processed if it is something they requested.

     The way the tax system has worked in the past has involved gradual changes and minor adjustments being introduced over longer periods of time.  Now, if you add the unprecedented amount of government support payments being sent out along with the shift of many workers working from home the changes for the coming years are likely to be more wide ranging and immediate than ever.  We, at Double J's Tax are doing everything we can to keep informed but there are somethings we can't predict, and this could be the new normal for awhile, a year without a tax deadline.

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